2011 done

Many people are still very unhappy with the BBCs alleged (or was it proved? I have no idea) deal with Sky – i.e. they took the F1 broadcasting rights to Sky, to get more money, rather than allow Channel 4 the right to make an offer. These were the rumours, at least.

So a lot of people are wondering why this is the case – when the BBC can afford:

– expensive new buildings

– inflated salaries for ‘managers’ and ‘directors’ who don’t do much

– money for just dire television

– money for things like weather girls / weather men to say “it will be cold”

– etc., etc., etc.

but they do not want F1.

Anyway, who cares. Who cares about the reasons? Not me.

Because a lot of other people have made very correct comments about the BBC coverage:

– why do the BBC pay Lee McKenzie to wander around tracks of the world asking “so you must be disappointed with the race” OR “you must be very happy with that race”, depending on if it was a bad or good result for the driver.

– why do the BBC pay people like Andrew Benson, Ted Hughes et al, for their “thoughts” on F1? Maybe they are ‘nice’ people, but who cares? They know nothing more about F1 than the average fan – and just provide “thoughts” for money.

– Jake Humphrey irritates and annoys a lot of people with his “matey matey” style reporting. If he is NORMAL – and does the job of a PRESENTER, he shows that he can do that. But when he tries to be endlessly jokey and pal-ly with the drivers, it’s just sad – and takes away his ability to be an objective reporter as well

– Eddie Jordan makes people cringe with embarassment. Nothing he say actually makes sense or is incisive or – interesting. Just being ‘kooky’ is not enough.

– The only people worth watching are Martin Brundle and David Coulthard, because they are the only ones actually doing their job – providing highly relevant insights, detailed thoughts and expert analysis. But it seems that MB will be at Sky next year.

– Ted Kravitz is very watchable, and the behind the scenes pit / paddock talk is very interesting – but all it really needs is a camera there.

– Sarah Holt. Sarah Holt! Presumably she gets paid some form of monetary currency for (1) making meaningless and dull Twitter comments (2) writing random and unskilled paragraphs such as “Welcome to the Monza Grand Prix in Italy… etc.” (3) writing just unskilled, un-knowledgable and useless fluffy “articles” on general and dull “thoughts” on Formula 1.


It all makes some sense – poor financial management and a ‘team’ that the BBC wanted no longer.


To the actual F1 teams and drivers…

Now is the time for:

– Red Bull: “we will get stronger, and use the word ‘phenomenal’ more and more, and pray that Newey does something with the new 2012 regs because our entire ‘team’ is based on one man alone”

– Ferrari: “we are VERY VERY VERY confident about 2012 really we are, we are”

– McLaren: “we need a good car in 2012. Duh”

– all other teams: “Our team Bosses get bored so we will chop and change drivers around for no particular reason”


February testing!

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