BBC: assholes

Mr. Smiley Jake Humphrey has been going on about how “excited” he is about BBCs 2012 F1 coverage.

Good for him. I am so happy for him that he is excited.

For the rest of us F1 fans, we are annoyed that 10 races will be on the BBC, and the others will be on pay-only Sky.


•15 April: China
•13 May: Spain
•27 May: Monaco
•24 June: Europe
•8 July: Britain
•2 September: Belgium
•23 September: Singapore
•14 October: Korea
•4 November: Abu Dhabi
•25 November: Brazil

So that’s the first THREE RACES (If Bahrain goes ahead, two if it doesn’t) NOT on the BBC.

Yes Jake, it’s soooo exciting, really. Why does he have to hype where there is no hype? Hyping the fact that they have lost 50% of the races?

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