3 months. No F1.

Prepare yourselves.

The only Formula 1 you will have is videos, and endless talk about:

– Renault saying they will ‘really click’ in 2012

– Williams saying they will ‘really click’ in 2012

– Massa saying he will ‘really finish above 6th’ in 2012, because ‘last year was not good for me for tyres/motivation/overall lack of ability’

– McLaren saying they are ‘on course to not be rubbish in 2012’

and such.

Until then, we still have some high drama to look forward to:

Even as a big Bond fan, all of the Mission: Impossible films have been better than the Bond films. MI3 was a great film, and MI2 stands the test of time as a great action movie.

They have been very wise in not naming this one MI4, but giving it it’s own title: Ghost Protocol.

In that way, they can extend the film and make them more frequent, as if they are Bond films. But they are showing Bond the way. (Casino Royale being great, but Quantum of solace being a pile of festering turdmanship).



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