One F1 GP in USA cancelled… no surprise

It is with a wry smile that I read that the USA F1 GP will be “100% cancelled”.

Firstly, it’s because the weird money man in F1, Eccles, always says the opposite of what he thinks. But he has been doing it for so long, that it’s just obvious now.

Also, because if it is cancelled, then it proves the hopefuls wrong.

“Next year we will finally be in America”
“Next year we will get more BBC-paid-for trips and some talentless F1 ‘reporters’ will be able to lark about in the USA”

USA and F1 DO NOT go together, no matter what some may say.

To disagree with this is to believe that you are living in an alternate reality in which there has been any sustained F1 activity or popularity in America in the last 10, 20, 30 years etc.

It’s not my opinion, it’s just fact. Americans like their own sports, and in car racing, they do not prefer F1, and never will.

So why is there some specific ‘need’ or desire to get it there – aside money?

Are you trying to say that European (or Asian) F1 fans want F1 in the USA? Mmm.

Nevertheless, F1 politics is the usual childish gamesmanship, and it’s quite obvious that if it is said to be ‘cancelled’, then the people involved will look stupid, and maybe then re-pressure the government people to get things moving again, and find the money.

Either way… who cares. We have at least 18 races next year anyway, and that can easily increase if the real and true desire is there.

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