A time to forget F1 displeasures and enjoy the spectacle

Not much news out of this F1 blog in the last couple of weeks, because it’s a rather odd time as an F1 fan and watcher.

The true ‘competitiveness’ of the F1 world is pretty much over for another 5 months, what with Red Bull and Adrian Newey having won the driver’s championship, and we have excruciating 2 week waits in-between the last few rounds.

Yet even though there is an on-going air of tension until the chequered flag in Brazil (in yet a FURTHER 2 weeks after this weekend), and there will be a huge and orgasmic release, so we can finally put this pretty dull year behind us and move on to hoping that McLaren can design a car that goes in 2012 —— there is still pleasure to be taken from this weekend.

The Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Formula 1 is something that is always complimented by this F1 blog, because it is a thing of beauty.

The undulation and curvy ups and downs of India were fun, and loved by the drivers, yet there is also something marvellous about the pure flatness – the cleanliness – of the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina circuit.

There is something about the way the light moves during the race, leaving the race ending under lights, at night, and the entire stands, arena, unique blue run-off areas are certainly pretty.

Moreover, the track is a great one – as well as long straights, it has a highly technical area in the third sector, that shows up differences between the drivers.

Mark Webber has never managed to come to terms with it, while Hamilton – even in a slower car than others – has always been the fastest in S3.

So let’s try to just enjoy this ‘free race’ – it might not count for much, but when the lights go out, my heart will still be pumping as usual, just like any F1 race.

Bring on Friday and the sounds of an F1 rev’.

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