F1 in New Jersey (not New York) is of a large size

“Huge”, to be precise.

Every Formula 1 commentator is describing the race in 2013 as “huge”.

They don’t go on to say what part is “huge” – perhaps the track is larger than others? Maybe the amount of money wasted by the BBC on unskilled, inexperienced and untalented support staff is “huge”?


To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park: “they were so concerned with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think about whether they should”

F1 near New York (not in New York, it’s in NEW JERSEY) has a lot of people excited – mainly people who will be paid to go there to cover the race.

For those of us not being given a random free trip to New Jersey, we have something else on our side: impartiality and rationality, to consider it.

Street tracks are exciting. No doubting it. Monaco. Singapore is exhilirating. Both are, how to put it, “huge” for F1 on a business scale, fun scale, and driver-ability scale.

Valencia is an unparalleled cowpat of unsuccessful trophy-ism. I am sure that the government people of Valencia, Mr. BE, and whoever else stands to benefit financially from Valencia might like it. But it’s such a dog of a track, an awful circuit and a mistake of the Formula 1 calendar.

Another street track is not good. The maps of the track show a very thin road, and a very, very, very easy circuit to negotiate, compared to Monaco or Singapore.

Yes yes, it may be good for the business side, but please don’t try to tell me that F1 is really *suffering* these days. Maybe the bottom 3 teams are, but honestly, who gives a shite about them?

But it’s still 25 points – now 100 championship points made up of ‘street tracks’.

A WDC should be won on, oh I don’t know – actual RACE TRACKS?

That’s just one opinion, and one that seems to be forgotten amidst the hoo rah and the “yay we get a trip to New York in 2013” mania.




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