F1 and Twitter, F1 and blogs

F1 and Twitter has reached the limit of what it can do.

That limit is fine, and it is very good to get updates from drivers.

However, people in F1 are incessantly talking about how they feel that F1 and Twitter can ‘do more’.

Firstly, this is rubbish.

Secondly – they do not say anything else after that point.

On the BBC F1 feed in the Japan practice, an top chap from Force India was asked about F1 and Twitter.

He mumbled on about how they need to ‘develop’ it and make it better in… some way or other.

“F1… Twitter… fans… access”… these kind of crappy buzzwords that mean nothing.

Much of F1 Twitter is a waste of time – does the BBC or James Allen really need to give 7 to 10 random updates during a race? Does that specifically help anyone?

Does the exact same piece of news need to be written up by 17 different F1 ‘journalists’ and then re-tweeted and re-tweeted again and again and again?

People in the advertising world are slowly realising that Twitter and Facebook are far from what they are mentioned as – sometimes it just cannot help sell a product nor help make or increase a profit.

Sure, we do get *some* updates, news, ‘competitions’ (dull!) from teams and more – but we are getting the meaningless top layer of fluff.

And real F1 blogs out there?… I haven’t found any more.

There are very many websites that say they are ‘F1 blogs’, yet all they do is reproduce basic F1 news that you can get from BBC F1 and F1.com.

The two opinion sites – James Allen and Joe Saward are worth checking, as Joe Saward goes into very deep detail about many aspects of Formula 1.

However I still feel something is missing… another kind of true F1 blog that is based on writing on opinion – if anyone is brave enough to do it.

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