Red bull win Yeongam Forea F1 2011, Lewis races supremely

Adrian Newey’s Red Bull car, fastest by far, won the Korea F1.

McLaren didn’t do Lewis any favours again, because the car had too much understeer.

What does understeer mean?

It’s more difficult to turn the car IN to the corners – so that means that you need to brake slightly earlier, otherwise too much pace will take you out of the corner too far wide.

It’s these kind of errors and mis-calculations that mean the McLaren is much slower than the Red Bull.

Webber still could not over-take LEwis – he did once, because Lewis let him, just so that he could re-take Webber and P2 on the straight afterwards, using DRS.

That’s the kind of colossal difference between the dull and agricultural Webber, and the amazing, scintillating and wise talents of Hamilton.

Lewis should be very pleased with himself – he left nothing on the track. He absolutely rinsed the car of every ounce of speed from the car, didn’t put one foot wrong, and was amazing.

Brilliant drive from Lewis and we look forward to India.

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