That’s the way it should be – Qualifying for Yeongam, F1 Korea 2011

Give Lewis a car and a space in Q3, and he will out-qualify Button by 0.3 seconds — and beat the Red Bull this time.

I fully expect something nasty from Vettel if he has the chance.

He needs to be careful that he doesn’t cultivate an asshole personality.

From someone who seemed down to Earth and reasonable, it now seems that the ‘behind closed doors’ aggression or childish behaviour is in danger of eeking out if he doesn’t have it all the way he wants it.

Lewis needs to get away very cleanly, stay clean on turn 3 – and then the race can be his.

From the front, he can ‘do a Red Bull’ – he can take his time, pace things, pace the tyres, control pit stops – all the things that Vettel has had the luxury of this season.

Then Vettel will be very worried with either Button or Alonso behind him.

But it’s all about the start!

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