BBC boys like meaningless gossip

Normal F1 journalists such as Joe Saward and James Allen can be level-headed.

But the ‘journalists’ on the BBC site write whatever fluff pops into their head.

There is no point in really thinking about it or reading it, but they do love to mention Hamilton as much as possible, and if they can do so in a derogatory or criticising way, all the better for them.

Now they are all obsessed with making bizarre and meaningless claims, such as “now people think Vettel is quicker over one lap than Lewis”.

Well, in a Red Bull RB7, of course he is.

But are many people – aside people paid to write about F1 that have ZERO professional racing / driving career experience – saying this at all?

Better to listen to quotes from every single ex-F1-driver.

All are clear: Lewis is having a bad run. The cheap media should calm themselves down and stop making fools of themselves by claiming otherwise.

Now Lewis’ next win will be all the sweeter.

Go Lewis.

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