What’s wrong with Lewis Hamilton by Joe Saward

Joe ‘Doesn’t my blog photo look a bit action-man-y’ Saward writes a highly logical and normal entry on his blog about Lewis.

So many other (moronic) F1 writers are using Lewis to pump out several hundred words. Andrew Benson on the BBC F1 site seems like a nice fellow, but he does write some fluff sometimes.

Other people cite how Lewis is suffering from [insert whatever the hell comes into your head] at this time, and they claim that [insert random claim about anything you just feel like saying] is affecting his driving.

Joe Saward keeps it very simple:

– Lewis is suffering nothing

– This is sport at sport has ups and downs

– Some key issues this year have simply been bad luck

– Lewis is, and will always be, a phenomenal racing driver, an emotional and passionate person, and an inspirational sportsman.


One Response to What’s wrong with Lewis Hamilton by Joe Saward

  1. Repsorp says:

    Sadly Lewis has blamed his team one too many times this year and as a result is reaping what he has sown. He seems to have isolated himself in his own team and other teams don’t want him (well at least one team dubbed by Lewis as being “just a drinks company” doesn’t). He is also being pumped by his own team mate purely because his team mate has rallied the team around him and is winning. Lewis is quick and can win. Hopefully in Korea

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