Better to be 3rd?

Lewis Hamilton was rightly and royally pissed off that he didn’t have time to make a lap at the Japanese F1 qualifying. He could have had pole today.

However, it’s a long run down to turn 1, and, McLaren start much better than Red Bull.

A bit of slipstream could see a quick 1 – 3 change by turn 1 tomorrow.


Did you see Schumacher going way off the track to get past Lewis before the last turn?

Don’t tell me that LEwis would not have got a stricy penalty if he ever did the same thing.

Dangerous to get past a car by going way off the track and skidding back on? Schumacher should be penalised, but, it doesn’t even matter at all. He’s always 7th – 10th these days anyway, so it’s no big deal.

Nevertheless, Hamilton does have the win possibility tomorrow – and his other set of soft tyres won’t have been used – so at his first soft change, he will have a slight speed advantage.




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