Renault fail, despite being ‘brave’

Chuntering on about how brave you are and how deliciously comforting your colour scheme is, the car is sub-par.

Renault’s James Allison and / or other Renault people are bemoaning the fact that their exhaust and design is really not actually very good.

What to learn – best to keep quiet about how good you think your car is in the testing season.

Also in the links above: Filippa Massa, saying in pre-season testing something about how the tyres will help him this year, and some excuses or other about how he failed so badly in 2010 due to … something or other.

Well, finishing 10th each race isn’t quite an improvement in 2011, so watch out for testing 2012’s comments about how the tubster can really make amends. Maybe even finish 8th!

Japan next.

Will celebrations for Vettel be slightly subdued? It’s been basically fully expected for so much time now, that it doesn’t have that goal-scoring pleasure-surprise, as in “yes! we did it!”.

More like “finally…”

Then maybe each race thereafter can be a calmer enjoyment of simple racing fun.




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