Quick Post Practice 3 Thoughts

– We should always feel lucky that a Singapore night race happened. Just a joy.

– Anyone who says that the driver (Vettel) won the Championship, not the car (Newey), just needs to look at the onboard camera.

Even looking at Webber, who himself would not even say he is a better driver than Hamilton or Alonso, is just in full control of the car.

The Red Bull just has a relationship between the tires and the track that no other car has.

It is just unbelievably planted, and on almost every single corner of Singapore, can just make microscopic turns, without skidding, that the other cars cannot get anywhere near.

Even if Alonso or Hamilton push hard, the car just cannot stay glued to the road.

Webber can always manage this, so it’s not anything special that Vettel is doing.

The car is just phenomenal.


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