The smugness of F1 reporters

SO smug. Smugtastic.

Some F1 journos provide F1 fans with incredibly detailed insights into the planning preparation, and business news of F1.

I always feel that they fall short on providing real inside knowledge, just because they want to hold it all for themself like a Leprechaun harvesting gold, so they feel good for knowing secrets that others do not.

But my point is not that.

My point is that even the good ones are STILL smug.

The smuggest of all, of course, is BBC F1 Sarah Holt.

Someone who, possibly through cronyism and knowing the right person, has been given a job that many real F1 fans would have loved to get.

She travels around the world and gets to be involved in F1, despite having absolutely zero specialist knowledge about the sport or the business.

Ditto Lee McKenzie. The daughter of someone very well connected in the news world, given a prime BBC F1 job. Interesting.

But anyway, good for them. I wouldn’t want the job, no matter how much I love F1. Endless world travel would just take over all your life.

But the F1 reporters still can’t help show how smug they are by endless tweeting or writing about:

– ‘Now I’m in the Emirates / Singapore Air / BA Lounge (meaning they are flying BUSINESS CLASS! BUSINESS CLASS!), on my laptop and chatting with driver [insert driver’s name] whilst using my laptop’

– ‘just at the launch of [insert team / sponsor product], on my laptop, being generally business-like and on the pulse of business affairs’

– just having lunch and a foot rub with [insert driver or celebrity name] at [insert glamorous world location]. Had a great laugh! Best of chums!’


And anyone wonders by the BBC are spending too much money on F1?

Joe ‘look how much weight I’ve lost in my new blog photo’ Saward is not guilty of celeb name-dropping, but is oh so guilty of the whole “on my laptop while world-travelling and globe-trotting and generally using my laptop for laptop business F1 business travel glamour laptop” parlay.

James Allen JUST manages to avoid this, so kudos to him. But I still always feel that he ‘infers’ too much.


Poster on his blog asks question.

His reply:

“that may be the case or may not”


“people in the Paddocl do have an opinion on it”


“there is a generally understood secret deep inside the F1 world. But bollocks if I’ll tell you”


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