Ferrari do the right thing – can McLaren?

Ferrari are now focussing on development of their 2012.

You can bet Red Bull have already done so, being so far ahead in 2011 already.

Whitmarsh recently said that McLaren may not, just because of some bullshit about ‘this team loves challenging for every race’. Woop-di-doo.

They should totally focus on the 2012 NOW.

The only big change is the exhaust system, and blown diffusers no longer being allowed.

The smart thing to do would be to start testing the 2012 exhaust system from the last 3 races of 2011.

Even if they lose, fans will still forgive them if they can start the first 2012 with an advantage for once.

The 2012 season and the 2012 car must start now – If McLaren would actually like to win a WDC.

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