F1 arguments from fans who act like children

It always happens on forums – the anonymity means that people can blare out un-explained theories or other arguments about why ‘they are right’.

The BBC F1 website is always like this – after every column, people are fervently disagreeing with each other, in a shouting match of who is right and wrong.

The BBC are also regularly accused of favouritism toward one driver or another.

I don’t think that’s the case.

In my opinion, I do not believe that Vettel is a truly “great” F1 driver.

Of course, others will have different opinions.

Why is it that they would get angry about mine?

(not that this has happened directly to me, but these are the kinds of on-going website / internet arguments about F1 and F1 drivers.)

Vettel did over-take Alonso, but just because he touched the grass, I don’t believe that this suddenly changes anything.

The Red Bull was what – a second quicker over a lap than the Ferrari?

And for some odd reason, Alonso has been a pretty easy target this season – that’s now Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, and Button that have all ‘done’ Alonso, in situations where a defence looked very possible.

I am sure that some may think Vettel can over-take. That’s fine for them to have such an opinion, I’m not going to get angry about it!

But it is simple fact that we still do not know what Alonso or Hamilton could do in the Red Bull. The question mark will remain until it is known in the F1 world that McLaren or Ferrari have an equal car to Red Bull.


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