BBC hype, boring season over

The BBC have a job to go on about how exciting the race was – but each race is firmly in the context of the season – the WINNER of the season.

No matter if there are ‘exciting duels’, the excitement of a race is vastly lessened if the overall champion is already decided.

Hamilton had another shocker as, for absolutely no good reason, he allowed himself to be overtaken after a re-start.

It doesn’t really matter anyway, which is perhaps why is was caught napping. Finishing 2nd or 4th is meaningless now.

The BBC commentators are hyping up Vettel – Coulthard, usually level-headed, got ridiculously carried away by talking about ‘are we seeing the arrival of a great F1 talent?’


We are seeing the arrival of a truly phenomenally designed race car – coupled with endless mistakes from both McLaren and Hamilton.

If an agricultural driver like Mark Webber can win in a Red Bull, then any of the 20+ drivers can.

Which is the point. Vettel in a McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, would finish 3rd, or 5th, or 7th, or 9th, etc. etc.

Any of the other drivers in this Red Bull car could:

– qualify 1st

– control the race under little pressure

It’s still up to McLaren to get their car, their strategy, their mistakes, and their best driver’s mindset all set up right for next year.

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