Next F1 season starts November 28th

The blue eyed ‘because I’m worth it’ Sebby Vet will lift aloft the 2011 F1 crown after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 27.

Thanks to the design genius of Adrian Newey, he had had by far, far, the best car for over half of the season, as well as thanks to McLaren’s lack of success.

This 2011 WDC feels a little meaningless becuase of that.

People can say that this is not fair, or rubbish, which is fine, that’s their opinion.

They may say that he still drove an F1 car first over the line, he ‘controlled’ races, and even – shock horror – drove incredibly well at times during the F1 season.

But it needs more than that.

No one is ‘blaming’ Vettel for being in the fastest car. Lucky for him, so good for him.

But an F1 champion should do more than have a few special moments or races.

A real F1 ‘champion’ should inspire people, should be able to prove — without a doubt — that he is the best driver. Otherwise…. it means it was just ‘the best car’.

The car, the technology is still what F1 fans all love – the tiny, minute details, the strategies and more – yet the pinnacle of our love goes towards the demi-god levels of driving skill.

For all Hamilton’s mistakes and frustrations this season (it’s easy not to be frustrated if you are in the fastest car), you still watch back his ‘best moments’ and just gasp in awe of pure driving skill.

Vettel might fill a 30 second Youtube reel of such highlights, but not more than that.

And that is the slight pity.

But November 28, and our eyes can fix firmly on whether McLaren can generate sufficient evolution in their car, and give us a more level playing platform for next year.

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