The WDC 2011

Red Bull thoroughly deserve the championship in 2011.

McLaren have made many mistakes.

 Ferrari have made mistakes.

And they recruited Newey, and their car is just on a different level entirely to all others.

But it does seem a shame that Vettel will be a ‘double world champion’ so quickly.

He still cannot over-take.

Sure, he over-took much slower cars in Spa, but over-taking Mercedes and a bog-standard Ferrari which is 1.5 – 2.5 seconds a lap slower hardly counts.

He also cannot drive well when it is raining.

Next year he will still have the team mate that does not test – and possibly still the fastest car.

McLaren need to do more than head-scratch – they need to give Lewis the fastest car so that he can make it look as easy as Vettel does, when sitting at the front controlling and leading the race.

 Lewis is still quicker, but this year has been one thing after another – his own mistakes, and just bad luck.

McLaren’s mistake in putting Lewis out late in Monaco Q3 stopped him getting a chance of pole. Then in the race, Vettel’s tyres were fading but he got a free change right at the end.

We can but hope that McLaren get their act together and aren’t so far behind in pace throughout next season.



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