Schtuff to consider in the break

For fanatical (and biased!) fans of Lewis Hamilton, you may think about things like this (for a bit of much needed positivity):

– the McLaren car is pretty much as quick, on balance over a weekend, as the Red Bull. There are few rule changes next year, so Newey may not be able to make the aerodynamics any more efficient than he has done already. So next year we may see Lewis in a highly competitive car from race ONE.

– This year, Vettel looks off the boil now, as without the fastes car and a comfortable lead, he lacks the ability to (a) overtake and (2) drive in the wet. So even if he wins the WDC in 2011, everyone will know that it was because he had by far, far, far the fastest car for the first 7 races – therefore it’s Adrian Newey’s WDC title really. Without the fastes car, Vettel cannot win consistently.

Even though this year, two Vettel DNFs, at least, are still needed. Belgium and Italy would work 🙂

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