Let’s calm down a bit

Red Bull’s pace advantage being taken away is something that every F1 fan likes to see.

I am sure that even Vettel fans would like him to win a title that is difficult and challenging to win – not a walk-over purely due to car pace.

But, the Hungaroring track in – Hungary – is a track that suits Red Bull.

No one knows for sure whether it is the cold temperatures that have affected Red Bull, or that McLaren have made a few small but key updates that go very well hand in hand with their power advantage and other benefits of their car.

Some people are saying that theye xpect Vettel to bounce back.

*IF* the Hungaroring does not suit Red Bull that much more, than I personally expect Vettel to try too hard and make more mistakes.

The weather shows something like 25C temps in Budapest, read into that what you will.

Some people have said that the track does not favour over-taking, but there is a clear, definite and easy over-take point at the hairpin of turn 1, and thereafter a sweep of turn 2. That’s better than many other tracks with no definite clear one – think Albert Park Australia, Catalunya Spain, Valencia, Monaco of course, Suzuka Japan, Abu Dhabi.

Lewis Hamilton won at Hungary in 2009 with a far inferior car, so he knows it well.

EVERY race is important now – at EVERY race, Vettel needs points taken from him, if we are to have the WDC go to the very last race.

After the summer break, it’s Spa Belgium and Monza Italy – strong McLaren tracks.

So here’s hoping, still.

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