My opinion on Pirelli tyres

I think they should be more durable, as they seem to be for Germany Nurburgring F1.

I like F1 to allow drivers to really test their cars, drive lap after lap right on the limit.

I don’t buy that it’s good for F1 to show that drivers can also ‘manage’ their tyres.

They shouldn’t have to.

All drivers have different styles.

But I believe that Formula 1 is about being fastest, not about managing a particular driving style just to suit ‘this years’ type of tyres.

If anyone believes that F1 will be boring just because tyres are more durable, then they are watching the wrong sport.

F1 should be about showing who can push their car to be fastest, and tyres shouldn’t hinder that.

I believe that races will still be thrilling even on more durable tyres – it changes nothing about the need for brilliant driving and wisest strategy.

But drivers getting over-taken ONLY and simply because another driver has fresher tyres – THAT’S false racing.


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