McLaren ‘news’: Jonathan Neale ‘hearts’ Martin Whitmarsh 4 eva

I suppose that the ‘McLaren Super Vodafone Phone In of Joy’ that takes place each week is a sponsored or necessary event, because the net result each time is that McLaren look like, well, chumps.

This week’s revelation are that:

– Jonathan Neale (McLaren’s Managing Director) really, really like Martin Whitmarsh

– they might be faster than Ferrari in Germany

– they will keep ‘fighting’ for the WDC despite it obviously being Red Bulls this year.

– Jonathan Neale thinks that Nutella chocolate spread sandwiches are much nicer than strawberry jam ones

– i before e except after c

Well I quite clearly made the last two up, but nevertheless, they are two points just as insightful, useful or interesting as the other blurb.

Many people say it is ‘wrong’ to think that Whitmarsh should leave McLaren.

My question to them is:

How many years DOES he have, not producing the fastest car, until he SHOULD be replaced???


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