My reading of the F1 blown engine row

F1 engine maps. What are blown diffusers? What does the F1 engine blow mean?


Renault engine blows gases over the wing, even when not accelerating. This increases downforce = makes car go faster.

Mercedes engine (used by McLaren) blows gases on ‘over-run’, meaning when the engine is braking.

So the FIA banned the blowing because they deemed it as artificial manipulation of blowing gases to help speed, because it is based on ‘driver activation’. i.e. the driver must brake or turn – so his manipulation of the car makes the effect – which is not allowed.

Then Mercedes asked for 10% blowing.

FIA said = OK.

Then Renault said no we want 50%.

FIA said = oh, OK.

FIA = useless, therefore.

The bottom line of all this:

Whitmarsh says that Renault (Red Bull) have an advantage, because they can still blow 50% of engine power of gases (FIA agreed because they foolishly believed that Renault needed it for “reliability”. Yeah, right.)

Horner says that McLaren have an advantage because the Mercedes engine STILL blows 68% of engine gas power during braking.

That’s the bollocks they say.

The likely reality:

Both are not yet sure how it affects the other teams – or their own – engine, and are just arguing to try to get any possible % advantage they can.

Final net result:

Red Bull still have had a better car. It’s not ONLY about the blowing of gases. RB7 is just far faster.

AND: Red Bull are just cleverer than McLaren. They have manipulated the bendy front wing for years without any other team doing it. They have a faster car.

Now they can still blow 50%. Well, they probably were anyway. And who is really definitively testing this during a race anyway? They can just flick switches and make the car, the engine, do anything they want on the racetrack, and flick it back for FIA inspection.

So it won’t change anything. Vettel is so far ahead in any case, 2011 is already done.


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