Nigel Mansell’s wise words

Mansell got it absolutely spot on.

All the hype about LEwis Hamilton’s driving style is in-accurate and over-blown.

Mansell just put it simply. There is nothing wrong with Lewis’ driving STYLE, but at key moments, he needs to simply make better single decisions.

Over-taking is fine but only an idiot would do it if there is no room for the other driver to move out of the way AFTER the move is done.

Even Hamilton himself has become focussed on defending his driving ‘style’.

Keep the style.

But simply realise that points win Championships, nto over-taking moves or driving styles.

And if he does want to him WDCs, then he needs to simply be more patient at key moments.

Hopping to Red Bull seems unlikely, yet that could change in a day. Mansell is also wise in recommending to Hamilton that it is a bad idea, as a change is possible for McLaren next year = i.e. they may improve their car to have parity with Red Bull.

Just not this season – 2011 Champion is already clearly Vettel, Newey and the RB7.

But we should still seek entertainment in some form from the rest of this season’s races.

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