The forgotten front wing

The buzz is about engine maps, blown gases and DRS – but Red Bull’s front wing still flexes more.

The point being = McLaren still don’t exude confidence about the pace of their car.

They have said they have the race pace at the last three races.

If that is true, and continues to be true, then the 8 race wins needed for the title may be some kind of unreal real possibility.

3 hours or so to go.

The start will see a touch. Alonso seems to have been going on light fuel just to make a quick flash start.

Webber is slow off the line, and on the dirty side of a beach circuit.

Even if Lewis wins, Vettel has P2 in the bag – that may be how the title is decided.

i.e. even if McLaren stay quick and Lewis can win – Vettel can basically always be faster than the other drivers in any case. Hardly a thrill as the season closes in, it has to be admitted.

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