McLaren: so, so shit

They can only make a car which is half a minute off the pace. Superb.

And: I’m resigned.

Vettel is WDC, the champion 2011. It’s done, it’s over.

The points total is unassailable now. There is a lot of talk, which doesn’t count for anything. The Red Bull is simply and purely very, very quick.

Vettel did not even have to push today. Not push, once in the race.

It’s all down to the car Newey has created – the ultimate in efficiency and aerodynamics.

So please, all fans who are still deluding themselves – before every race, just predict Vettel for pole and win, and you won’t look like a moron saying “I think that finally Hamilton / Alonso will be pole / race win this time”.

We just hope that McLaren design an actual race car for 2012.

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