McLaren try a bit too hard

About 30 Tweets and endless congrats to Button, from his loving McLaren team. Sure, it was a great victory. One, race victory.

Yet McLaren always need to go a bit overboard, so that ‘JB’ feels he gets as much praise as his teammate. It was as if he had won the WDC, something that Jenson Button can only ever do if:

A) he has by far, far the fastest car


B) his teammate is Rubens Barrichello or worse.

The BBC F1 site still devoted each pixel to Lewis Hamilton news though. Such as:

1) What is Hamilton not doing right?
2) What is Lewis Hamilton doing well?
3) Will Lewis Hamilton go to Red Bull?
4) Does Lewis Hamilton drink tea or coffee – the mystery unravelled
5) Ted Bunson’s unique take on rumour and meaningless gossip
6) Phillip Pews general wondering about Hammy baby

and. so. on.

A rather more interesting point is WHEN, oh dear God when will Ferrari get rid of the extra ballast that is Felipe Massa. With a Ferrari at his fingertips, he conjures up 11th, sometimes even 7th or 8th place on a good day.

Some conjecture says they want Mark Webber instead. I can’t see why. Nico Rosberg must be the man for Ferrari. Fair, no ego (compared to F1 drivers), doesn’t care about team ‘status’, but delivers. I believe he could out-perform Alonso in the same car, given the chance.

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