Hamilton is happy to crash out

He seems to do it enough.

As a real fan of Lewis Hamilton, I must say that he seems ignorant of the simple fact that if you go out of the race, no matter whose fault it is, you won’t be the F1 Champion.

There can be all this talk of:

– that’s just the driver I am


– that’s just the driver he is

but, correct me if I am wrong, Lewis Hamilton’s ultimate goal is = winning more World Championships.

To do that, he needs to do something quite simple – alter his style, and only alter it a little.

There is no reason, other than possibly arrogance, for him to refuse to do so. No one is asking him to ‘not be’ Lewis, no one would expect him to completely change his style and not attack and over-take – but surely he can realise that SOMETIMES, just SOME of the time, moves can result in a crash, so, hold off until *the next opportunity in the race* for an over-take.

The only other possibility is that he wants to become the WDC, but, he only ever wants to do it with luck – i.e. he only wants to win if it involves taking risks, and for the majority of the time, those risks to come off.

I suppose there is option 3 – go to Red Bull in 2013 if Newey is still there and just win each race in the fastest car. If he had the fastest car, no doubt on Earth that he would be unstoppable.

But that’s the future, now is now, and rather than go ‘all or nothing’, realise that to get ‘all’, plan A is to just stay on the actual race track.


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