More on the BBC kids

There’s no bitterness or resentment – as much as I love F1, real life wouldn’t work with endless international travel – but there is the feeling that the BBC are serving up staff that just know nothing about F1 and lack REAL experience.

I love the Brundle + DC commentary. I take joy at every moment of it.

Even if I disagree with what they say, or they miss something out, or get something just wrong, it doesn’t matter.

The point is that every single thing they say comes from having:

A) been there


B) done it.

They have unmatched Formula 1 experience.

We’re currently enjoying the best TV commentary EVER, on the BBC. Murray Walker is of course a cult hero, but nothing matches MB + DCs knowledge of having been in that car come the crucial human-testing moments.

Jake Humphrey lacks the experience, and he can try a little too hard to be popular and matey sometimes on off-TV media, but, he does one thing absolutely spot-on: he sets the tone of the live TV broadcasts absolutely right. During the TV broadcasts itself, he doesn’t over-hype it, he doesn’t seem over-awed or sycophantic, he just sets a quietly tense mood of what’s to come, and let’s the sport speak for itself, while getting across the feeling that the viewers at home are absolutely bursting with tension, waiting for the red to green (or off) lights.

But the people on the other BBC F1 media – the tweets, the ‘news’ articles, the interviews – inane. INANE!

They seem just happy to be there, ask a few basic platitude-like questions, or just to make ridiculously simple, narrative based comments that don’t ever tell us anything that we already know.

So maybe they can be trained in how to make media reports – or – just focus on getting written reports from people actually in the know – maybe ask Karun Chandhok, Bruno Senna, or someone else to write the post-weekend articles? Or just feel free to skip everyone else aside MB, DC, JH, Benson?


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