Countdown begins to Canada

A Monday after a No-F1-Weekend is joyous.

A painful and boring weekend with no F1 is a terrible crucifix of patience-testing drudgery — a monotonous tick-tock of distracted and dazed doldrum, which stretches sanity to sinewy shadows of time-tolerance.

The hot and divine temptress of Formula 1 is then suddenly on the horizon, as Monday quickly follows through to Tuesday, and like a unexpected boon, we are only 2 real days away from Friday practice.

This season hs been one of no little luck – Monaco was actually ridiculous in it’s favour of Vettel, mixed with the Himalayan stupidity of McLaren in not giving Lewis any qualifying time.

McLaren should win in Canada. Lewis should win in Canada. He owns the track, and McLaren are fast(est) there. It is the one and only way to claw back the WDC. A hat-trick of wins is reasonably feasible for Hamilton now, and boy do we need it, otherwise we might be looking at the news to find 2012 car developments by August.

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