Bahrain idiocy from morons

It’s very, VERY fashionable to say you are an F1 fan against the Bahrain race going ahead.

Especially Joe Saward, is obsessed with talking about how terrible the whole thing is.

I wonder if he will attend the race though, as an excuse that it’s his job – therefore making him the same as everyone.

But how about the China f1?

Or, how about the UK Silverstone F1?

This comment on another F1 blog is an example of the sheer idiocy and typical blind-mindedness of those who say they are for human rights:

“I have no specific reason to question such reports and recountings however I treat both sides of any political reporting with the same high level of scepticism. There are too many vested interests to believe most of what is written from either side.
I would also suggest that other countries that F1 goes to have had dubious records on human rights – like Turkey & China yet no-one seems to be shouting about the abuses there within the media when F1 attends every year.
Decisions will be made based on the prevailing political view a little nearer the time of the race.
Right now I think the calls for the race not to be held smack of double standards.”

The irony is COLOSSAL.

His double-standards are moaning about China – but seemingly forgetting the two of the biggest human rights abusers in the last 10 years have been the UK and the USA.

As a Brit, all it takes is to have read a newspaper in the last 10 years to read about the fully admitted and confused human rights violations made with the agreement of the British government in the last 10 years.

Yet that doesn’t count, right? Only obvious issues that make people feel good by disagreeing with.

If we, as F1 fans, are to just enjoy a race in any country, then how far are we going to take political issues?

The teams and drivers will sort this out.

If they go, then they race – what then? These F1 fans who are bemoaning a Bahrain GP will, what, completely veto the entire 2011 F1 season?

Mentally discount the points earned in the Bahrain race?

Or will they still tune in, watch and ENJOY the race?

That’s true hypocrisy and double-standards.

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