Hamilton rights and wrongs

He is obviously going to get absolutely creamed.

At least a big fine and suspended suspension – but maybe even a race ban. I would not put it past the moronic jobsworth stewards to do that.

Stewards are the kind of people that were the loser in school, but then became class monitor or somesuch, so just like to get people in trouble for a personal power trip.

Lewis Hamilton was right that int he Monaco F1 2011, he was:

– completely and clearly impeded by useless Massa in Q3 – yet Lewis was penalised

– Massa turned in early – yet they gave Lewis the drive through

– Maldonado turned in early – yet they penalise Lewis

BUT… he was so stupid making a racial joke. It was clearly a joke – but – it’s just a good excuse for them to overblow it and make some accusations in return.

There is no need to talk to the BBC — why wasn’t there a McLaren person making sure Lewis didn’t get himself in trouble?

AND WHY wasn’t there a pit crew ready to change his tires?!?!?

McLaren are so useless. They get strategy wrong time and again.

Lewis to Red Bull seems more and more likely.

He would absolutely mince Vettel in the same car.


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