hey Karthikeyan – get the fuck out the way

Just a small idea. Seeing as he is always int he way of lapping drivers – and seriously blocked Hamilton in Spain, it might be an idea for Charlie Whiting – ‘The Smugster’ (on accounting of him being so smug-looking all the time) to specifically tell the crappy teams to get their drivers the hell out of the way.

DRS will be useless for the Monaco F1 2011 – it is not possible to overtake on the straight.

But lapping these new generation of shitter, slower and crapper cars (HRT & Virgin) will be where people get held up.

Pit-lane undercuts will be the order in Monaco.

Something just tells me that Vettel is going to try to hard and crash.

Gut-feeling says Lewis Hamilton for the win, due to his current form – driving head and shoulders above everyone else.

But all depends on luck in the race – lucky with Qualifying lap space, lucky with safety cars, and slower cars in front.

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