BBC TV F1 coverage

You can watch it even if you are not in the UK!

Using Astrill: click here – you can use a UK proxy.

This means that your computer is using a UK based internet connection, via very easy software that anyone can use, because you just select the UK from a drop-down menu and you can watch the amazing BBC TV F1 coverage, no matter what country you are in – anywhere!

The BBC TV coverage gives you:

ALL practice sessions LIVE via the BBC F1 page

You can watch all the Qualifying build up and full qualifying session LIVE

Race build up and full race LIVE

After-race driver interviews, post-race analysis, and about 1 hour 30 mins extra ‘Fans Forum’ *LIVE* with Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard, analysis from Martin Brundle. this is further interviews, live coverage, from the venue, after the race!

Ted Kravitz post-race report from the Paddock

The BBC commentary with Martin Brundle and David Coulthard is amazing.

So if you are wondering ‘How to watch BBC Formula 1’, or ‘how can I watch the Formula 1 race live’, just go to Astrill.

It doesn’t cost that much over a year, and you can then just watch ANY UK TV, from the BBC One watch live website, or, the BBC F1 website.

The BBC F1 website has a lot of videos, live driver tracker… amazing coverage.

Go to Astrill, use their service (you can buy 1 month to 12 months) and you will love the BBC F1 TV, I assure you.

They will tell you a LOT of inside info, and answer questions such as:

Why is Vettel quicker than Webber (they show lap comparisons side by side in the same screen)

Why is Red Bull faster in qualifying

How McLaren can beat and be faster than Red Bull

News on Alonso and Ferrari, updates…. all about the entire world of F1!

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