Disappointed, but optimistic


It was frustrating to watch Lewis Hamilton unable to over-take Vettel simply because of the nature of the track – the most difficult race track to over-take at – BUT, it shows his race pace was quicker.

Down to 4th from Alonso’s amazing start, he gained to 3rd, and then 2nd, on his first two pit-stops.

His race pace was always better than Vettel’s, but DRS is meaningless if just used on a normal straight – Istanbul was the only race it worked – because it was used when cars were already coming out of a high speed corner.

Monaco is next, which is anyone’s, but after that is Canada, and soon up come Valencia, Silverstone, and tracks which would mean that if Lewis has the pace, the over-taking opportunities will come up at the heavy braking zones.

I still believe!


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