Well done Mark Webber, Hello First Corner

Who said that the first corner wasn’t important? Plenty of people!

Tell that to Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, and Button.

Webber going first into lap 1 is crucial – Vettel then must overtake him, or blitz him in lap times in and around the pit stops.

Hamilton must stay ahead of Alonso as job one – and see if he can get a better start from the clean side of the track and a potentially better KERS to get into P2.

But as long as he remembers that protecting P3 is the important part, and doesn’t do a mad dash and lose out to Alonso.

Thankfully Webber finally did it – now the supposed boy wonder might have to drive with a bit of pressure for once. But it could all change 10 seconds into the race.



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