What are the upgrades for Spain F1 2011?

People have been asking this a lot – about what upgrades to Red Bull have, what upgrades do Ferrari have, and what upgrades do McLaren have for the Catalunya, Barcelona Spain F1 2011.

McLaren have over 10 upgrades, related to the front wing, wheel rims, rear wing, and possibly the brake ducts.

Red Bull have a new floor, as do Ferrari, and Ferrari apparently have a new rear wing also.

But… knowing this information satiates a desperate need, but it doesn’t change the main point – the RESULTS 🙂

It seems that Lewis Hamilton had a great run in practice, and the changes made have shown some difference – some are saying that the times showed good longer run pace also.

If McLaren can give Lewis the car for the Catalunya Spain F1, he should do the business – he loves the track and knows how to extract the most possible pace from it.

The Barcelona circuit is used a lot through the year – so it doesn’t need much time to rubber in.

From this perspective, it may come down to Red Bull’s bugbear – if Mark Webber and Sebastien Vettel don’t have KERS, then they are going to be under pressure.

This is NOT an over-taking circuit – there are not harsh braking zones – so KERS will be vital in making a pass if they can get close – I’m not sure if DRS can work – the pit-straight seems too short – but if with KERS, then maybe it will prove a difference.

Let’s hope so. Vettel can’t just keep being given the fastest car.

Some form of car parity would be good – and then the people who think that Vettel IS as good as Hamilton or Alonso (HE IS NOT!), will then be able to surely see him beating them… if we ever truly know how good the cars are compared to each other.

We should have a good idea if McLaren can qualify within 0.1 of Red Bull. Then if their race pace is better, we may finally have a season on our hands, and poor old Vettel might need to actually OVERTAKE someone… if he can, without smashing into them (Webber Turkey 2010, Button Spa-Francorchamps Belgium 2010).


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