Pundits miss the point

F1 news sources, such as BBC, ITV, James Allen, have been ‘reporting’ the issue about the changes proposed to the exhaust gas aerodynamics.

The current system means that gases can be blown even without acceleration, meaning that downforce continues into the corners.

This has been the case since last year.

So what the news ‘reporters’ have missed, is:

– why is this coming now (and why only now?)

– what prompted this?

– most teams use this – but is Red Bull’s significantly better?

– and is this the reason for changing it?

Have they thought ‘oh bugger, this season’s not going to be a big money earner if the title is decided by July’, so tried to hurt Red Bull?

If that is even possible, can we get some insight on that from those such as James Allen, and Martin Brundle?

It is hard to think of any other reason why they would suddenly make that change only now.

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