What are F1 fans searching for?

These are some top searches used to find this site:

views from monza stands 3
spa view from gold 4 2
where are the best seats for f1 in abu dhabi? 2
lady jenson button pr 2
photos from tribune n grandstand monaco 2
best view f1 circuit 2
vettel boring 2
dark haired women on jenson button interviews 2
f1 is boring again 1
best seats at valencia f1 1
ted kravitz f1 may 2011 1
f1 boring vetel 1
abu dhabi f1 reveiws 1
tyres f1 turkey f1 1
what are best seats for yas marina grand prix? 1
monaco f1 tribune k seating 1
best seats hungaroring 1
silverstone f1 best seats 1
abu dhabi f1 circuit best seats? 1
lewis hamilton turkey 1
f1 turkey 2011 pictures fans 1
f1 no more istanbul 1
views regarding addicted individuals 1
best view yasmarina circuit 1
drs silverstone f1 1
valencia f1 best seats 1
marina mandarin f1 1
whhy are red bull cars superior 1
f1 boring 2011 1
formula 1 catalunya ideal spot for overtaking 1
why are red bull fast in qualiying 1
2011 f1 boring vettel 1
is drs ruining f1 1


There are also some weird ones… someone came across this site by searching “how to talk shite”! Well, I’m not that bad! 🙂

It really seems that many people are praying that McLaren can catch up to RB in speed, or, maybe, Webber decides to push Vettel enough for something to happen.

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