McLaren do have upgrades

But we don’t know exactly what they are, thanks to the non-intrepid, dis-reporting, un-exploring question not-askers at the BBC F1 team.

Whitmarsh: we didn’t bring the upgrades we wanted to this race
BBC chap: ……

Lewis Hamiton: I had too much front wing at the start
BBC lass: …..

Were they star-struck?

Were they listening?

Were they re-arranging their underwear?

Get this: “ah, so, Martin, what upgrades were these, and will they be ready for Barcelona?”

“Really, Lewis? How did that happen, was it a mistake?”

Yes – follow up QUESTIONS! Good eh?!

Ferrari clearly CAN challenge Vettel, if Alonso gets the rub of the track and a good tyre strategy.

McLaren can do also, it’s not all boring Vettel winning boring F1 races in 2011.

Maybe, if McLaren can bring the upgrades to the Barcelona F1 in Spain, they can close the gap.

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