If Vettel wins – is F1 boring?

No matter the ‘drama’ behind him – F1 is about champions and finishing in FIRST, and nothing else.

If Newey’s RB7 makes it that easy for Vettel, then yes, it really is dull. It will mean that no matter KERS, DRS, Pirelli, Hamilton, Alonso, and all the ingredients in the sport as a whole, if Vettel is WDC half-way through the year, then it’s completely dull.

Lewis race wasn’t ruined by the idiotic McLaren mistake at the pit-stop.

It was ruined by his stupidity at the start.

Fourth year in F1 and he still makes these little mistakes – he concentrated on attacking, not defending.

But it’s not like starting from P3, on the clean side, and trying to get P2.

P4 is too much in the mix, with less space. He should have focussed on simply keeping P4.

But he didn’t.

Therefore, he dropped 2 places when he tried an attack, and then killed his first set of tyres over-taking Button.

McLaren need to tell him these things, and he needs to admit that they cost him two or so places in a race.

That, and….. McLaren need to improve their car. Simple as that, or we are all doomed to pointless races come season-end.

One Response to If Vettel wins – is F1 boring?

  1. Darren says:

    simply……agreed if vettel is wdc half way through, my interest in f1 is no-more becous races wil just be red bull walkovers, everyone on t.v. thinks that they are doing a brilliant job, sadly though, not for the sport, why can’t f1 be like 2007 and 2008 when the title fight was always wide open and real champions won.

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