Pundits do talk shite sometimes

Ted Kravitz: ‘this will be the day of the underdog’ — because he thought Massa, Webber, Button, could trump Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton in Qualifying for the Istanbul F1.

Reality – the latter faster 3 out-qualified their team-mates by about 0.5 seconds each

Eddie Jordan: ‘there is no mad dash to the first corner now,’ = he means it is not as important, because of tyres being more important.


Reality = Lewis Hamilton MUST get in front of Rosberg, and needs to get in front of Webber.

Anyone must get in front of Vettel at turn 1 to therefore make the race into something later on and not give him the several-second-lead after the first several laps.

They make it up as they go along, truly.

The race is between Vettel and Hamilton again. Therefore, it is all down to Lewis! Can he get in front of Webber SOON, and how will tyre strategy play out for the final 10 laps?

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