Practice is testing now

So no hype please!

The online F1 BBC news people at BBC who got their jobs for God-only-knows what reasons love hype. They live for it.

Each breakfast must be a ‘huge event’ that is going to ‘tear it right up’ or somesuch. “Toast this morning – TOAST!”

Every F1 race is hyped by them as if it’s the next WWF Royal Rumble. We love F1 – F1 fans truly adore and mentally-orgasm over F1 – BUT we still don’t want to HYPE it.

Every single practice session, the BBC report on it as if it’s a monumental thing… or even a SLIGHTLY MEANINGFUL thing!

“Button is a massive 1.6 seconds off the pace”

“Rosberg shows that Mercedes mean business here by topping the times”

and that leads to morons thinking that it means anything. I remember one comment that said “the McLarens are fast but Webber just looks to have an edge on them”, which must be said in a thick drongo Aussie accent.

That was Korea, and Webber screwed himself severely, by being crap. No matter his ‘edge on them’ in practice. Surprising, eh?

It seems that more stops is best in the Istanbul F1, because of the heat. Four stops might even be sensible, due to the huge 3 apex corner. The corner is a pretty amazing one. The best seats at the Spa-Francorchamps F1 might offer a best spa F1 view of the direction change, because the Belgium F1 best seats and views are amazing, but Istanbul is still a great track.

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