Why are Red Bull quicker in qualifying?

Why is Red Bull’s qualifying pace better than their race pace?

Why are McLaren faster in the race than in qualifying?


The way the Red bull rear wing is built, means that without DRS, the cars are quite evenly matched.

The Red Bull RB7 car sticks to the ground more and corners well – but McLaren have superior KERS, and seem to be improving on aerodynamics and downforce all the time.

With DRS, the Red Bull is a little quicker – and in qualifying, for some odd reason that no one knows, they can use DRS at ANY time, rather than in the race.

Simple! As if…

Now, why is Sebastien Vettel quicker than Mark Webber? Why is Lewis Hamilton quicker than Jenson Button?

The younger ones are simply better drivers!!!

One other thing – Renault.

They are going well this year – BUT with no Kubica in 2011 at least, will they cut budget for this year? I would!

Heidfeld and Petrov are not going to take them further, AND Mercedes look pants. Even though Kubica is better than them, he is still totally unproven to be as good as the ‘hype’ surrounding him – and Perez seems to be Ferrari’s next new thing. If they ever have a car that goes!

Does the Red Bull RB7 situation mean that McLaren can catch up? I think it looks that way at the moment.

I’m always willing to be proved completely wrong in the world of Formula 1, but the RB7 is known as being shaved down to nano-like levels of efficiency. Nothing seems to have been compromised, so they say = meaning that one reason why Red Bull have a problem with KERS is that it takes not only space for the thing itself, but highly-specific and relevant cooling, in relation to KERS.

The levels of engineering are way beyond my comprehension, but it is a very simple fact that if they do not have space to fit in KERS (AND it’s necessary cooling space) – then there is no way for them to make it!!

So if McLaren can get the Engine + KERS and then + aerodynamics, they can get quicker than Red Bull, without doubt.

The cars seem evenly matched that it will also, as always, depend a lot on luck. Staying clean and away from trouble, freak things like accidents, safety cars, weather… all of this mean that prediction is an impossible thing in Formula 1 (and saying ‘I think [insert top5 driver] will win’ is pretty pointless!)

But it’s certainly a test of Vettel – he has to keep it up – and keep it clean. That’s easy to do leading from the front – but his season seems to depend on being able to do that.

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