Lewis – best ever races

Many said – and I agree – that the Shanghai F1 2011 was one of Lewis’ best ever races.

What are the others?

It has to be the 2008 win at the Silverstone F1.

Massa span (about 5 times), Raikkonen span, Webber span (no surprise), Kovalainen span, Alonso span… while Lewis finished the race about a MINUTE ahead of everyone else. True class and true level of ability shows though.

The Belgium Spa F1 was another amazing one – while Raikkonen couldn’t even keep his car on the road, Lewis was supreme. Yes, he was penalised in that race, just because the steward who made the decision was allegedly a Ferrari fan, BUT he STILL won the WDC 2008, so it made no difference!

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To finish, here is a general Lewis montage:


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