Amazing Shanghai f1 race, inspiring Lewis drive, title alive

Lewis Hamilton sent his fans to Paradise with a drive of such determination and steel that maybe only he can currently produce.

With car problems before the race, a fired up and fast teammate in Jenson Button, the Newey-rocket with Vettel in it, and Ferraris all over the place, Lewis showed his qualities and talents that are truly incredible.

Making awesome over-taking moves on Massa, Rosberg, Button and Vettel, saw him climb to be the race winner.

The charge by Webber will completely change qualifying strategy. Fresh Pirellis means EVERYTHING, and allowed him to be on fresh, relatively new softs for the last 15 laps or so, and vault about 7 places in the last 12 laps or so.

Lewis already showed excellent strategy by saving softs and only doing one qualifying.

So as well as all cars only doing one qualifying run in Q3, I think that we will see cars using hards in Q3.

Being 5th, or 8th or so on the grid won’t matter, if you have all new softs to race on until the end of the race. That will put you against people on old hards – something like 2, 3 or more seconds a lap difference!

Big wait to Turkey now, but McLaren have shown colossal improvement, AND still have a full raft of improvements to understand. Red Bull STILL don’t understand how to fit in KERS….

And god bless the BBC Forum. Coverage to make an F1 fan happy like a sweet sweet dessert after a glorious meal.

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