Thank God it’s a week only

Frustration. The terrifying low of following any sport, which must be accepted, along with the dizzying highs and creamy middles.

Lewis had a fast car. But for some reason the team gave him soft-hard-hard, possibly an old set of tyres, and… his paced dropped away, while Vettel continued to get the rub of the green — no mistaking his quality of skills, but Heidfeld definitely did him a favour.

HISTORICALLY, (as if that means anything), Red Bulls don’t fair well at all in Shanghai, so there should really be no actual reason why Hamilton can’t win in The Shanghai F1.

It looks to be a rainy weekend, and, of course, anything can and does happen in Formula 1, especially in a  wet race.

Button —- he has said what he should, and that his title challenge can begin, but… No one in their right mind would believe that Button can get ahead of Vettel, or Hamilton (assuming that McLaren don’t just … ‘be weird’ all the time).

Remember that for cheap F1 tickets, and to find the best seats for the Shanghai F1 and the best views at the Shanghai F1, click the ‘best seats & views’ F1 link at the top.

My guide to the Shanghai F1 also has a small bit of travel advice, and a few photos of the Shanghai Circuit F1 track. This includes how to get to the Shanghai F1, which is pretty essential… just leave early!!!

If you want other travel advice for the Shanghai F1, then just make a comment.


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