Blog of choice for 2011 – James Allen

BBC have a decent news site because of the live updates, and the rumous and gossip round-up. But it’s difficult to see the point for the BBC to host some blogs, such as Andrew Benson, because he contributes no actual ‘secret’ insight or behind the scenes news or rumours that he has heard. Just his opinion.

It still seems that Sarah Holt got her job because of being someone’s friend or daughter, because she still shows no natural feel, insight or knowledge of Formula 1 – she just takes notes of press interviews, and makes numerous mistakes, such as:

– spelling Vettel’s name wrong more than once

– writing ‘Alonso – Ita’ and thinking Alonso is Italian

– as yet, *contributing* nothing to the Formula 1 press scene.

I used to like Joe Saward’s blog a lot, but have now totally gone off it. He incessantly administers these colosally large pieces of writing about dull and non-F1 related topics.

He gets very snipey with his commentators unless they completely agree with him, and this year seems to offer no actual F1 or RACE news or insight. Maybe he does so on a pay-magazine, but others do so for free.

i.e., James Allen. Here’s one source that actually focuses on things like RACING… driving… Formula 1 teams, drivers, race news, and the like.

I still feel he could do more though – be braver to write shorter articles on more issues, rather than feel he needs to wait to write a longer ‘real’ piece.

Malaysia coming up, and some of the news is a bit confusing.

Pirelli assured everyone that their tyres would work well on hotter tracks. Now, apparently, Sepang will be TOO hot for these tyres. They are really the Princess of tyres – fussy and exacting.

Also – will or can Massa last for 2011 in a Ferrari? Should he? Sergio Perez may just get Ferrari interested in a younger, better driver who can actually SUPPORT their boy Fernando in races, as Massa will be unable and unwilling to do this year.

And if you say ‘why should he?’ – because he won’t and can’t win himself! So his other choice is to help his teammate, or, switch teams and be a number 1 driver at another team.

No predictions, but I am most looking forward to see the KERS issue – whether it comes into play now – because there are still many circuits far more reliant on pace and straights than Sepang, so it may give some indication about that – especially with Shanghai and it’s monumentally long straight just 1 week later, making it seem like a ‘McLaren track’. About time!

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